Two Poems by R. Flowers Rivera

V E R A   G E N E V A ,  1 9 3 9

What I am certain of. It is hot.
today’s my birthday. I am six.
Rain and more rain. I can hear
what the stain glass hides.
Sounds like T. Ray peeing
off the back porch when the night is
dark and Fofo has all the sheets
balled ‘tween her knees. I have to pee.
Mama said to wait. I got better sense
than to ask again. Reverend
Fox is shouting to the congregation.
Only big-tittied, rawboned women
Catch the Holy Ghost. I will have to
wait. I got the right build but
My chest is flat. Two hoecakes.
Mama never falls out. Her eyes just cry
quiet tears. One at a time.
I have to pee. Reverend Fox is
calling for me to come. I move to go.


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